The future depends on what we do now. This is our last chance.

Play a mini escape room game to learn more about climate change and it’s detrimental consequences.

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Welcome to the online mini escape room, LastChance!

LastChance is a quick and fun 4 question online escape room!

You are put in a situation where only you can save Canada from climate change!

The objective of the game is to gather 4 or more points by successfully answering questions (worth 1 point each) related to climate change.

Failing to do so will unfortunately cause all Canadians to suffer the devastating consequences of climate change!

Have fun and don't let your fellow Canadians down!

NOTE: To get the most accurate answers, type your answers in lowercase without any articles (i.e. "the") for non-multiple choice questions and for multiple choice questions, copy your answer from the list of possible answers or simply type the letter associated with you answer.


Question 1:

One day you wake up feeling quite hot and sweaty.

As you get out of bed, drentched in sweat, you decide to open the windows to get a little breeze in.

However, as soon as you open your windows, you feel a huge heat wave hit you right in the face.

You question yourself about the strange increase in heat. What are heat waves caused by?


Hint: Whatever you choose to call it, the most important thing is that we have to act to stop it.

Question 2:

Heat waves are detrimental to the environment, and most importantly, to our own well being!

Heat waves are notorious for taking our own lives as they may cause health complications like headaches, rashes, dehydration, or even blood clots!

Heat waves are also known for their damaging repercussions on surrounding ecosystems!

Often times, when the temperature of the water drastically elevates due to the presence of heat waves, the quality of water also takes a toll for the worse, all while affecting marine life (increase in algue, a.k.a the process of eutrophication, which creates a high risk of fishes dying :o)

Heat waves ultimately caused by global warming can be stopped as a collective.

What can we do to help people who are unsure of what to do?


Hint: Schools are one place to do this.

Question 3:

As the day goes on, it seems as if it gets hotter, and hotter by the hour!

You realize that you haven't even turned on the AC!

No wonder it was so hot in your house! However, as you turn your ventilation system, your whole neighborhood goes out!

Due to the high temperatures caused by the heat wave, many of your fellow neighbours also decided that it was a good idea to turn on the AC at the same time which caused an electrical burnout.

Suddenly, you get a phone call from your friend from another province.

Turns out, she's also facing some trouble: her whole city is having a drought!

From the photo, the lack of what can cause droughts?

question 3 visual

Hint: Look at soil and grass.

Question 4:

After many days later, the heat wave has finally cooled down.

For once, the weather is nice and you decide to take a walk outside to enjoy the fresh air.

However, you notice that a whole group of teens drinking their lemonade with plastic straws!

It's 2021 and slowly plastic straws and other plastic amenities are being replaced with eco-friendly alternatives.

In order to further decrease the use of plastic, who is the most at fault for the circulation of plastic straws?

  1. a. The group of teens using the straws
  2. b. The company that made the straws
  3. c. Whoever sold them the drink

Hint: think about who creates the consequences of using straws on a global scale

Question 5:

After you realize first-hand the consequences of climate change, you begin your journey by educating yourself.

Which out of these three is the most sustainable?

  1. a. Fossil fuels
  2. b. Plastics
  3. c. Wind

question 3 visual
Check this website for your hint

Question 6:

The more you learn, the more you realize that you and everyone else can help save Canada from climate change.

Considering Canada produces an incredible amount of wood, where it accounts for around 9% of the world's forest, is wood sustainable? (In this case, we’re talking about the wood industry and lear cutting.)

  1. a. Yes
  2. b. No
  3. c. Sometimes

Hint: Sustainable is not the same as renewable.


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